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TRINIDAD: Love at First Sight
Becomes A Lifetime of Love

It was happen-stance that led the way
To our very first trip to Trinidad Bay

Visiting friends, who owned a cute cottage there
The very day they bought a large bluff home .. what a scare!

They suddenly realized they needed to sell
The Cottage where WE would eventually dwell

We walked to the bluff for our first harbor views ...
Then hiked to Home Beach to watch playful seals!

Speechless from beauty that abounds everywhere
We grasped for words ... but could only stare ...

Before the day's end we had decided to stay
Connected to this place ... somehow... someway

When our friends returned and off to dinner we went
For them ... reality hit, and they began to lament ...

"In order to purchase this bluff side home
We'll have to sell our cottage ...or take a big loan"

Reality sank in... and we spontaneously said
"Don't list the cottage, we will buy it instead!"

It was said not a moment too soon .. for then some other friends came ...
And, learning of their bluff home purchase, they said exactly the same!!

Our spontaneous decision, made with no hindsight-regret
A lifetime of happiness in Trinidad had just been set

It was "Love at First Sight" when Trinidad we first saw
And through all these many years, we're still in AWE.

Filled with great people ... and ... where indescribable beauty abounds
TRINIDAD... it's TOP of the list of America's Most Beautiful Towns!

by Margaret Ann Hughes

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